The word “simpatico” originates from the Latin root, “sympathia”, which means sympathy. A simpatico relationship is a compatible relationship, characterised by shared attributes or interests.
Palliative care is derived from the Latin word ‘palliat’, which means "to cloak". Connect implies the bridging so that a link is established.
Hence, Simpatico Palliative Connect is about establishing a compatible link between patients, their family members and the caring team in order to help them on their journey with the illness.

Our logo is circular in nature and has four vibrant colours. It signifies the four aspects of care - physical, psychological, social as well as spiritual.
The colour blue signifies openness to communication, bringing in peace, tranquility and harmony, a willingness to build strong and trusting relationships.
The colour green signifies a caring nature, good listening skills and appropriate decision making.
The colour orange radiates warmth and welcomes social communication, encourages two-way conversation and relates to respect for self and others.
The colour purple assists those seeking the meaning of life and spiritual fulfilment. It ensures harmony of the mind and the emotions and contributes to mental balance and stability, a connection between the spiritual and physical world, between thought and action and promotes the benefits of meditation.
The colour magenta magenta helps to create harmony and balance in every aspect of life - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
It empowers one to rise above the routine of daily life to experience a greater level of awareness and knowledge and promotes compassion, kindness and cooperation.


Honoring Life Easy pain:We honour every ill person so we are committed to helping patients and families living with chronic or terminal illness, relieving their pain and suffering, caring and supporting them in their choices so that they can live with comfort and dignity.


Accessible and affordable palliative care for all who need it, irrespective of the type of disease.


To provide quality palliative care, to patients and their families, to relieve pain and suffering.